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The Amagansett Village Improvement Society was founded in 1921. It’s original objectives, “the improvement of the roads, cemeteries, park and greens and the advancement and improvement of welfare and the best interest of Amagansett,” remain as true today as they were then. We continue to pay tribute to the goals set by our original members, preserving the character of our small hamlet and keeping it beautiful for all residents and visitors.

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​This past year gave us one of the sunniest summers ever! The weather provided days on end to get out and enjoy all that Amagansett has to offer. Thanks to your donations and dues we were able to complete many exciting projects.

  • Triangles and Tree Boxes
    The triangles at Atlantic Avenue, the Railroad Station, and Skimhampton Road have been planted and are being maintained by local nurseries. The tree boxes along Main Street have been planted with liriope and will be maintained throughout the season. 

  • Tennis Courts Are Being Resurfaced
    This summer the Atlantic Avenue tennis courts are being resurfaced with Caliclay which will greatly improve the playing surface and require less maintenance going forward.

  • Flag Pole

    The Flag Pole was painted this past year. 

  • Main Street Beautification
    Thirty four planter boxes were replaced along Main Street with new planter boxes that should last for twenty years! The material for the boxes was donated by Amagansett building supply and the boxes were built by two AVIS board members. 

  • Trees on Main Street
    With the help of many volunteers and gracious donations we have planted twelve new trees in the lanes and on Main Street.