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The Amagansett Village Improvement Society was founded in 1921. It’s original objectives, “the improvement of the roads, cemeteries, park and greens and the advancement and improvement of welfare and the best interest of Amagansett,” remain as true today as they were then. We continue to pay tribute to the goals set by our original members, preserving the character of our small hamlet and keeping it beautiful for all residents and visitors.

2022 Photo Contest

The AVIS Board thanks you for your generous support!


Summer Splash 2022

"Amagansett's Past Remembered"

Hugh King's AVIS Day lecture, "Amagansett's Past Remembered" from the July 16 AVIS Day celebration at the Amagansett Free Library is now available to view on the Library's YouTube channel.

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Victor A. Gelb


Joan Tulp


Eileen O'Reilly

Recording Secretary

Alison Fantini

Corresponding Secretary

Marguerite Gualtieri

Barbara Borg

Michael Cinque

Natalie Garg

Cam Gelb

Sue Jaxheimer

Kathy Mullen

Cathy Peacock

Kim Slater

Shari Thompson

Tennis Coordinator

Anna Bernasek

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