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Playing permits may not be transferred to friends, guests, relatives, and/or tenants. Eligible players must reserve the court and be present on the court during play. The cost of the tennis permit is $500.00 (includes AVIS Membership) which allows you to play anytime.

Upon receipt of payment, an application and tax bill, AVIS will approve your membership. Games cannot be set up more than 7 days in advance. Members cannot set up more than two hours per day. Members can have only 6 pending games.

Student permits are available free to Amagansett School students and are good for play only on weekdays. Peter Hoopes teaches school children free of charge during the summer. Peter not only offers his professional services to AVIS, but is also an AVIS tennis member and has the same privileges as all tennis members. The Board thanks Peter for his continued support for 2023.. 

Please remember that tennis can be hazardous. Please do not play when the courts are wet or slippery, or there is any danger of an accident. Your participation is voluntary and entirely at your own risk. 

Purchase an AVIS




Get a Tennis Membership for $500 per eligible player (AVIS Membership dues included).









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Welcome to the 2023 tennis season!


AVIS is inviting all Amagansett residents to join as Tennis Members. The annual fee is $500 per player, $100 for lessons and $20 guest fee. The annual fee is per person and entitles members to play all year round. So that you get to know the other players our pro, Peter Hoopes, will be holding free adult and children's clinics.


Please email a copy of a tax bill to after payment.  If you have any questions about the courts and procedures that you want to have answered before you join, don't hesitate to contact us at

The John Day Jackson Memorial Tennis Courts on Atlantic Avenue are a non-profit opportunity for the residents of Amagansett. The fees are used for free tennis lessons for the Amagansett school children, maintenance of the courts, new equipment, landscaping in and around the courts, and support of the AVIS beautification programs. Mrs. John Day Jackson donated the courts in 1964, back when Amagansett was a sleepy unknown little hamlet. 

Amagansett Village Improvement Society
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