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Memorial Trees

Tree boxes and commemorative plaques:

  • Sponsoring a Main Street tree box with a plaque is $2500.

  • Sponsoring the planting of a tree on Main St./Rt. 27 (excluding the tree boxes,) or in the lanes is $1000.

  • A plaque can be placed on any tree in addition to the trees in boxes.  The cost of a tree plaque varies the size of the plaque.

Caring for trees in your neighborhood:

  • Please water trees near your property, especially during very dry periods.  Recently planted trees with water bags are watered on a regular schedule, but if there is a young tree near your property with an empty water bag, please add water.

  • Ask guests and workmen not to park their vehicles next to a tree.  Over time, the weight of vehicles parked on the shoulder near a tree will damage the root system. 

  • Contact the East Hampton Town Highway Department to report any dangerous situation related to a tree along Main St. or the lanes.

Our Memorial tree program is a wonderful tribute to a loved one.  Please contact us if you would like further information.

Amagansett Village Improvement Society



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