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Love  Letters to Amagansett

Plum Nugent


You just finished a super long school week, and you want to go somewhere really spectacular for the weekend, well I have the place for you: Amagansett!

Amagansett is the best for three reasons: 1. The community, 2. The library, and 3. Beaches! For example, if Amagansett needed to do a bake sale, the whole community would come together and if we work as a team, we could do it.

It’s so rainy, go to the library! I could go there for hours and not get bored, and the people are sooooo nice!

Beaches! Grab a ball, a lunch, and hit the road (I could stay for hours)!

In conclusion, I strongly believe that Amagansett is the best. Let’s pack, away!

Reid Palmer


I love Amagansett because of the wonderful beaches with great waves and soft sand.

I love Amagansett because of its awesome hikes and epic wildlife.

I love Amagansett.

It has so many natural wonders it would take me a million years to say them all.

Also the people of Amagansett are just so nice. I could go on forever.

In all Amagansett is probably the most wonderful place I’ve ever been.

Overall Amagansett is too great for my mind to comprehend.

There are many endless possibilities.

Sam Koffler


Her name is Amagansett.

She nourishes my breath with her Indian Wells’ briny salt-water air; With each inhalation, irritants of the past week evaporate…

She infuses me with nutrients from her soil; Earth toiled at Balsam Farms produces the sweetest, most succulent yellow tomatoes…

She inspires culinary artists, like Chefs Josh and Leo of Rosie’s, to create their innovative, decadent pumpkin-seeded avocado smash toast. And, she gave 50 years of life to the acclaimed Astro Pizza…

She offers a “whalecome” to Humpbacks in her waters; Dazzling us, lucky ones, as the whales slap their fins and breach.

She is perfection.

Dante Sasso


Amagansett is the best place to grow up. I loved my early summers at Fresh Pond.

We crossed the stream, which seemed as wide as the Mississippi to us, to explore “the island.” We climbed a small tree and scooped up fish and crabs.

I was so lucky to attend Amagansett School from Pre-K 3 until sixth grade. My class of 16 loved learning advanced math and playing tennis baseball. Diving into hot lunch freshly prepared by the Meeting House or Luigi’s was a monthly treat.

I got a great education and met friends I will have for life.

Edith Lester Smith


Dearest Amagansett,

Like a queen dressed in a sea green gown,

seashells and pearls scattered at your feet

as the tide washes in and out around you.


You glow as the sun filters through the dew and fog.

Your lip blows sweet smells of lilac and ocean.

Your crown sparkles as the moon and the stars shine.

Your lush green robe that blows in the wind and blankets us in a feeling of warmth.

Yes, Amagansett you are the jewel of East Hampton forever in my heart.


Love you forever,

Edith Lester Smith  

Michael Schenkler



Please come and chance it

AVIS has beautifully enhanced it

For the past one hundred years. 



You might drive by and glance it

Or at the Talkhouse song and dance it

Enjoying the music and cheers.  



The beaches incredibly advance it

On horseback delightfully prance it

Its beauty may bring you to tears   



On the land you’ll take a stance it

And at sea you’ll entrance it

Cause the best of nature appears. 



Please come and chance it

Breathe deeply and romance it

You’ll keep it in your heart for years. 

Amagansett Village Improvement Society
Dante Sasso
Plum Nugent
Reid Palmer
Sam Koffler
Edith Lester Smith
Michael Schenkler



Victor A. Gelb


Joan Tulp


Eileen O'Reilly

Recording Secretary

Alison Fantini

Corresponding Secretary

Marguerite Gualtieri

Barbara Borg

Michael Cinque

Natalie Garg

Cam Gelb

Sue Jaxheimer

Kathy Mullen

Cathy Peacock

Kim Slater

Shari Thompson

Tennis Coordinator

Anna Bernasek

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